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The 1993 Race

Just the men racing


PositionNameFinish timeHammersmith Bridge
1stWade Hall-Craggs (GB) lane220.561st
2ndPeter Haining (GB) lane321.022nd
3rdSteve Redgrave (GB) lane1ntt3rd


Hall-Craggs put up a brave and successful show by beating a World and an Olympic Champion. Hall-Craggs produced one false start. Two seconds separated the three scullers at the Mile Post. At Hammersmith Bridge Haining puts Hall-Craggs under pressure and Redgrave fell back. Haining ignored the Umpire's instructions and took the inside arch of Barnes Bridge but the umpire allowed the contest to continue. Haining finished 6 seconds behind, and would have been disqualified if he had won.

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