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The 1999 Race

The 1999 race took on a new dimension, after the steady growth of the event since 1993, when the first 'modern era' race was organised. Hackett Clothing and the livery company, The Fishmongers Company, came on board as sponsors. It was filmed by BBC television and transmitted on BBC Grandstand immediately before the live Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race on the next day.

Men's race

Date: 2nd April
Time: 4pm,br> Umpire: Peter Haining MBE

LaneNameNationalityRowing record
Lane 1Giovanni CalabreseItalyWorld Champion '97 (4x)
Lane 2Jamie KovenUSAHenley Royal (Diamonds) winner (1x)
Lane 3Iztok CopSloveniaWorld Cup Winner '97 (1x)
Lane 4Derek PorterCanadaAtlanta Olympics '96 silver (1x)
Lane 5Stefano BasaliniItalyWorld Champion '98 (ltw1x)

Final positionNameFinish timeThames RCMilepostHammersmith BridgeChiswick StepsBarnes Bridge
1stIztok Cop22.493rd4.418.1813.2318.58
2ndJamie Koven22.504th4.558.2913.33
3rdGiovanni Calabrese23.232nd4.498.3413.43
4thStefano Basalini23.305th
5thDerek Porterntt1st4.448.2813.52

Calabrese led from the start, with Porter soon taking over. Cop led Koven and Porter at Chiswick Eyot, the three narrowly missing the Eyot, where the water was extremely rough. This made Porter capsize at Duke's Meadows, but he managed to climb back in to finish the race. Koven was trying to catch Cop by taking the inside arch of Barnes Bridge. This illegal advantage brought him within two seconds of beating Cop. If he had, he would have been disqualified.

Women's race

Date:2nd April
Time: 3.30pm
Umpire: Martin Levy

LaneNameNationalityWeightRowing record
Lane 1Miriam BattenBritain67.9kgWorld Champion '98 (2x)
Lane 2Ekatharina KarstenBelarus76.5kgOlympic Champion '96 (1x)
Lane 3Pieta van DishoeckNetherlands76.5kgvWorld Cup Champion '98 (1x)
Lane 4Sarah GarnerUSA66.1kgWorld Champion '98 (2x)
Lane 5 Guin BattenBritain73.8kgHTWSC Trophy holder (1x)

Final positionNameFinish timeThames RCMilepostHammersmith Bridge
1stMiriam Batten22.431st1st1st
2ndGuin Batten22.454th2nd2nd
3rdPieta van Dishoeck23.182nd3rd3rd
4thEkatharina Karsten23.385th4th4th
5thSarah Garner 23.45 3rd5th5th5th

Miriam soon snatched the lead from Garner. Guin immediately started a chase, always keeping close on Miriam's heels, but her sister never left an inch for Guin to get through. Karsten had trouble with the choppy water all the way, but kept ahead of the lightweight Garner.

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