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The Year 2001 Race

Guin Batten: The Questionnaire

What was the best moment in your career as a sculler?
Winning the silver at Sydney in the W4x.
What did you do on the evening after your Olympic final?
Media media for 11 hours then a very late meal at the supporters hotel.
What did you miss most during your last months of hard training?
Doing dangerous things, risking life and limb.
Describe briefly how you enjoyed life in the months after your win.
Missing meals, being dehydrated and not training.
How where you received back in Britain after the Olympics, and did your life change because of fame?
My dad met me at the airport, and sorry I haven't changed.
What is your biggest motivation to continue after your silver medal?
Haven't got over the thrill of the silver yet. Ask me in six months time when I have come back down from cloud nine.
Can you describe who is your toughest opposition in the HTWSC?
The toughest opposition is my brain; I can only go as fast as my brain will let me. As for competitors, they're all worlds class. No-one will make a mistake.
And what is your assessment of the other athletes?
Respect for their achievements and skill. Hot, Hot and Hot.
Have you got any other dreams of what you would like to achieve in life?
Finding the right man, climbing the biggest mountain and fording the widest river. Life's a challenge; each day brings another obstacle.
What is the best moment ever in a boat?
The effortless sensation of moving away from another boat during a race.
And the worst?
Letting yourself down.
Have you ever fallen in?
Loads of times - it's all part of the learning curve.
Most embarrassing moment?
Getting stuck on a barge in Battersea and having to get the river police to pull me off.
Who do you admire most in rowing?
Steve Redgrave
And outside rowing?
My mother
Any famous or poetic quotes by yourself (or others)?
"If it is to be, it's up to me".

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