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The Year 2001 Race

Vaclav Chalupa

Name Vaclav Chalupa
Nationality Czech
Date of birth 7th December 1967
Place of birth Jindichov Hradec, Czech Republic
Marital status Married to Alice, with a son called Vclav (6)
Occupation Captain in the Czech Army
Domicile Prague (family), Racice (training)
In his own words:
"My dad (member of two Olympic teams himself in 1960 and 1964) introduced me to rowing at the age of 13 after I tried many other sports. I am a skilled repairman of agricultural machinery, but now I am a captain in the army.
I have been Czech Republic Sculling Champion uninterrupted since 1989. My first International race was at the World Junior Championship in 1985, becoming 9th in the 2x. My first World Silver Medal I gained in Bled in 1989. I won a Silver Medal in the single at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and became 5th in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. I also started in all World Championship and Olympic finals uninterrupted since 1989." (written in early 2000).


Vaclav won the Hackett Thames World Sculling Challenge last year - the first time he had raced it and in doing so beat the 1999 winner, Iztok Cop. Chalupa was unfortunately pushed out of a place in the 2000 Sydney Olympics final while ill at the semi-final stage, but returns to defend his Thames World Sculling title in 2001.


Vaclav is the current champion and raced extremely well last year in rough conditions to beat Iztok Cop. It was a titanic race and no doubt Iztok will be fighting hard to regain his title. They musn't forget that they will have the very experienced and skilled sculler Giovanni Calabrese in their midst, as well as two hardy lightweights, Rod and Michal. Vaclav recently achieved a personal best 2 km ergometer time of 5.51.
Vaclav Chalupa winning the 2000 Thames World Sculling Challenge
Other results:
1988 Olympic Games Seoul4+11th
1990 World Championships Tasmania1x2nd
1990 Goodwill Games1x1st
1991 World Championships Vienna1x2nd
1991 World Cup1x1st
1993 World Championships Racice1x2nd
1993 World Cup1x1st
1995 World Championships Tampere1x3rd
1998 World Championships Cologne1x3rd
1999 World Cup1x1st
2000 Thames World Sculling Championship1st

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