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The Year 2001 Race

Iztok Cop: The Questionnaire

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What was the best moment in your career as a sculler?
Winning the Olympic Title
What did you miss most during your last months of hard training?
NOTHING! I have never been so motivated and focussed on training before. I really enjoyed it.
Describe briefly how you enjoyed life in the months after your win?
I took two months off rowing, had fun, holiday and sponsors activities.
Can you describe who is your toughest opposition in the HTWSC?
I can't tell because I don't know how fit I'll be. I have done more cross country skiing during the winter and almost no ergo and no tests at all. Probably Vaclav will be the toughest.
What will you do differently in the race this year compared to last year?
Try not to finish second!
What is the best moment ever in a boat?
Winning my first junior title
And the worst?
Flipping over on a crowded beach
Have you ever fallen in?
Who do you admire most in rowing?
Steve Redgrave
And outside rowing?
Steve, Bjorn Daehlie (cross-country skier), Miguel Indurain