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The Year 2001 Race

Ekaterina Karsten

Name Ekaterina Karsten (nee Khodotovich)
Nationality Belarussian
Date of birth 1973
Place of birth Osetcheno, Belarus
Marital status Married to Wilfried, with one daughter
Occupation Full-time athlete
Domicile Minsk/Potsdam
In her own words, written in early 2000:
"I began rowing at the age of 14. When I was 17, I won my first Junior World Championships. I went on to win Gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. After winning gold at the 1997 World Championships I took a year out to have my baby. My husband is from Potsdam, Germany and now I train in Minsk and Potsdam. In 1999 I was back in training and managed to win Gold again. While I am resting between training I like to read and complete jigsaw puzzles."

Note:After writing this in early 2000, Ekaterina Karsten went on to win the Sydney Olympic women's single sculls by a photofinish and 0.1 seconds, in the first final on Penrith Lakes, and one of the tightest singles races ever.

Ekaterina Karsten
Other results:
World Record Holder2000m1x
1991 World Championships Tasmania2x3rd
1992 Olympic Games Barcelona4x3rd

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