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Past Races

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Sculling Championships of the World

1880	Two races in eight days on the Thames.
	Excerpts from the "London Illustrated News"
	Two illustrated articles, "The Sculling Match" and "The Race" (large files)

1910	R. Arnst (NZ) beat G. Whelch at Akaroa, NZ, April 14th		21.50
1910	R. Arnst (NZ) beat E. Barry  on Zambesi, August 18th		20.14
1911	R. Arnst (NZ) beat H. Pierce on Parramatta, July 29th		19.46
1912	E. Barry (London) beat R. Arnst (NZ) on Thames, July 29th 		23.08
1912 	E. Barry (London) beat E. Durnan (Toronto) on Thames, Oct 14th	22.31
1913	E. Barry (London) beat H. Pierce (Aus) on Thames, July 21st	24.09
1914	E. Barry (London) beat J. Paddon (Aus) on Thames, Sept 7th		21.28
1919	A. Felton (Aus) beat E. Barry (London) on Thames, Oct. 27th	25.40
1920	E. Barry (London) beat A. Felton (Aus) on Parramatta, Aug. 28th	24.32
1921	R. Arnst (NZ) beat W. Webb, Wanganui, February 25th		- - -
1922	J. Paddon (Aus) beat D. Hadfield on Wanganui, April 18th		- - -
1923	J. Paddon (Aus) beat D. Hadfield on Richmond River, Aus., July 21st	- - - 
1924	J. Paddon (Aus) beat M. Goodsell on Richmond River, Aus., Sept. 20th	17.07
1925	M. Goodsell (Aus) beat J. Paddon (Aus) in New Zealand, Nov. 7th	- - -
1926	M. Goodsell (Aus) beat Tom Saul on Parramatta, May 3rd		23.11
1927	M. Goodsell (Aus) beat H.A. Barry (London) at Vancouver, Sept. 5th	- - -
1927	H.A. Barry (London) beat M. Goodsell (Aus) at Vancouver, Dec. 26th	- - -
1930	E.A. Phelps (London) beat H.A. Barry (London) on Thames, May 31st	22.41
1930	E.A. Phelps (London) beat H.A. Barry (London) on Thames, Oct. 11th	22.48
1932	E.A. Phelps (London) beat  M. Goodsell (Aus) at Long Beach, Calif.	- - - 
1933	E. Pierce beat E.a. Phelps (London) at Toronto			19.26
1934	E. Pierce beat W. Miller (USA) at Toronto				19.52.2
1938	E. Pierce beat Evans Paddon, Australia				20.35.5
1948	E. Paddon (Aus) beat Max Fisher, (N.S.W..), 3 mile on Parramatta	17.20
1952	Jim Saul beat Evans Paddon on Richmond River, Australia		18.15

Hackett Thames World Sculling Challenge, Men's Race, Thames, London
1993Wade Hall Craggs(GB) beat:
Peter Haining (GB), Steve Redgrave (GB)
1994, Nov 5thPeter Haining (GB) beat:
Wade Hall-Craggs (GB), Giovanni Calabrese (Italy), Chris Bullas (GB)
- - -
1995Peter Haining (GB) beat:
Frans Goebels (Netherlands), Niall O'Toole (Ireland)
- - -
1996Merlin Vervoorn (Netherlands) beat:
Peter Haining (GB), Karsten Nielsen (Denmark)
1997, Dec 6thGreg Searle (GB) beat:
Karsten Nielsen (DEN), Martin Kettle (GB)
Merlin Vervoorn (NL), Giovanni Calabresi (Italy)
1999, April 2ndIztok Cop (Slovenia) beat:
Jamie Koven (USA), Giovanni Calabrese (Italy)
Stefano Basalini (Italy), Derek Porter (CAN)
2000, March 24thVaclav Chalupa (CZE) beat:
Iztok Cop (SLO), Aquil Abdullah (USA)
Michal Vabrousek (CZE)
2001, March 23rdIztok Cop (SLO) beat:
Vaclav Chalupa (CZE), Michal Vabrousek (CZE)
Rod Chisholm (GBR), Giovanni Calabrese (ITA)

Hackett Thames World Sculling Challenge, Women's Race, Thames, London
1l996Guin Batten (GB) beat:
Sue Appelboom (GB)
1997Guin Batten (GB) beat:
Alison Sanders (GB), Rowan Carroll (GB)
1999, April 2ndMiriam Batten (GB) beat:
Guin Batten (GB), Pieta van Dishoeck (NL)
Ekatarina Karsten (BLR), Sarah Garner (USA)
2000, March 24thEkaterina Karsten (BLR) beat:
Katrin Rutchow (GER) and Sarah Garner (USA)
2001, March 23rdKatrin Rutchow (GER) beat:
Guin Batten (GBR), Ekaterina Karsten (BLR)
and Laila Finska-Bezerra (FIN)

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