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Photo Gallery 2000

Each of the montages below is a collage of pictures, thumbnail size for swift loading. Click on a thumbnail picture to load the full version of just that photograph.

Race 2000 Scullers

An unusual women's quad crew Aquil Abdullah on the weigh-in scales Launching for the women's race Chalupa, Vabrousek, Abdullah, Cop, Rutchow, Garner and Karsten Iztok Cop's young fanclub turns out in style The men's competitors with their trophy Pictures of the race 2000 scullers

The Organisers, March 2000

See the information page for more details on the main organisers of the race, and how to contact them.

Organiser Rachel Haining in a quiet moment Mel doing Hackett decorations Ali Murray in frivolous mood Photographing the photographers PR coordinator James Felt on the job John Russell struggling along Haymarket with the weigh-in scales Co-founder Peter Haining thanking everyone at the race lunch Faces of the races 2000

Stories from the 2000 Race

Doggetts Coat and Badge winner Simon McCarthy doing the draw The two 2000 winners of the men's and women's trophy and 1000 cash each Race sculls in front of Thames Rowing Club on the Embankment Coat and Badge holder watching the scullers get ready to race Vaclav Chalupa cuddling his trophy Winner Vaclav Chalupa slaking his thirst in Thames RC bar Tucking the men's trophy in safely during transit Stories from 2000