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Photo Gallery

Each of the montages below is a collage of pictures, thumbnail size for swift loading. Click on a thumbnail picture to load the full version of just that photograph.

The Race Restarted

The men's trophy Haining, O'Toole and Goebels in 1995 The trophy in 1994 with competitors Miles Forbes-Thomas and Peter Haining with the trophy in 1994 The women's shield trophy The women's competitors in 1996 Montage of the 1994, 1995 and 1996 race pictures

Faces of the Races of the last three years

Iztok Cop and Derek Porter in 1999 Jamie Koven and Giovanni Calabrese in 1999 Greg Searle after winning the 1997 race Peter Haining with race flags Greg Searle Faces of the races

Images from 1999

Miriam Batten, winner of the 1999 race, with the Doggetts Coat & Badge winners Doggetts winners following the race Peter Haining being interviewed by John Tierney Posing at the Sports Cafe for the weigh-in, 1999 Calabrese, Buscelini and Gary Rees Miriam Batten and Eeke rigging their shells Steve Redgrave umpiring the 1999 race Boating from Thames RC Peter Haining explaining the course Pictures from 1999