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The Year 2001 Race

Katrin Rutchow-Stomporowski: The Questionnaire

What is the best moment in your career as a sculler?
The very one moment at the Olympic final where I passed Ekatarina Karsten (shortly)
What did you do on the evening after your Olympic final?
I spend THE exhausting night in Sydney.
What did you miss most during your last months of hard training before Sydney?
Describe briefly how you enjoyed life in the months after your bronze.
Pittily there was not much joy, because I had to leave the Olympic games before their finishing because I had to start again my last year of education as a fashion designer - creating ball/evening dresses
What is your biggest motivation to continue after your bronze medal.
To become world champion in the single
What will you do with the 1000 if you win it.
Buy McQueen and Gaultier
Can you describe who is your toughest opposition in the HTWSC?
Of course the river Thames. It is a moody river, sometimes like men - fast and enjoying and then sleepy.
Is there anything you think about the other athletes?
There are all great rowers - full of passion of our sport - and I think honest people.
What will you do differently in the race this year compared to last year?
Never loosing the current.
Are you going to win this year? and why?
Yes. It's like spacecowboys - "fly me to the moon"
Have you got any other dreams of what you would like to achieve in life?
Dreams to help the world to be a place more worth living.
What is the best moment ever in a boat? And the worst? Best: when I was 16 years old and I had my first national test and I won - it was one of my most remarkable moments in my rowing career.
Worst: February. Snowy. Freezing -5 Degrees Celsius. A non-speaking coach in a motorboat. Somewhere ugly in Germany.
Have you ever fallen in? Most embarrassing moment?
fallen in: when I was the first time in a single - about 10 feet away from the pontoon I became scared of a really really small wave - WOSH embarrassing: I am never embarresed of everything.
Have you got a lucky mascot?
mein schlumpfi mit den ketten um den hals
Who do you admire most in rowing? and outside rowing?
I cannot describe an admiring feeling to any person - I have in favour good actions of different persons
What do you like most about Britain?
Fish and chips
What other things are you going to do in London?
Who do you support in the Boatrace and why: Oxford or Cambridge and who is going to win?
Who is the most show off and self-confident team? I will support them - this will be the team, which has fun to do this funny race and at the end the team which will win.

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