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The Sculling Development Fund

One of the main reasons behind re-establishing the annual challenge of champions on the Thames was to encourage and facilitate the development of future champions. Hence the establishment of The Sculling Development Fund in 1993, which is a fund set up to support youngsters of World or Olympic potential who perhaps do not have the financial resources to achieve it.
We passionately believe in giving these potential future champions the maximum support that is available. Given that the last Olympics, as an example, delivered only one gold medal for Great Britain (admittedly this was from rowing, but still a poor result for the whole GB team), we are out to transform this result as effectively as possible.
Every year, the Sculling Development Fund (SDF) receives generous. donations, and is in the process of becoming a registered charity. These funds are then spent on projects that we believe will help transform our sport.
For Instance, in 1997, the SDF helped fund a Great Britain junior training camp, which included a junior double scull. This junior double went on to win Great Britain's first ever junior World Gold Medal. This is just one example of how money spent in the right way can have an immediate effect on our sport and will help to create future champions.
Please give generously, by sending your donation to the address below:

Suite 2, 236 Daventry Street Westminster, London NW1 6TD
(cheques made payable to 'Sculling Development Fund')

Thank you for your support.

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